Places to Visit

Old Temple (ಹಳೆ ಗುಡಿ):

      The most famous temple of Shree Revanasiddeshwar/ Shree Mallikarjun, located out side the village. It is the oldest temple, facing towards the east.
It is well maintained with the support and the co-operation of village people and devotees. Everybody can go at anytime and can have peaceful Darsan of the Lord.
This temple is surrounded by the well grown trees, that makes the people to spend couple of hours in the temple premises.

The temple is governed by a registered body viz.      
Shree Revanasiddeshwar Temple Trust. Ever since the trust commenced its administration, there has been considerable improvement and development in the temple. The renovation of the temple, improvement of the roads leading to the temple and the shortest connectivity between old and new temple, have all been undertaken by the Trust. Trust planning to do Rath Yatra (grand Chariot) of Shree Revanasiddeshwar every year.

Shree Revanasiddeshwar Temple/ Shree Mallikarjun Temple:
      New temple of Shree Revanasiddeshwar/Shree Mallikarjun, located at the middle of  village. The villagers organize the fair of deity Shree Revanasiddeshwar every year in the month of December, the pallakki and Nandikol utsav starts from this temple and reaches the old temple(Hale Gudi) via Malamma hill. 

Malamma Hill

    Malamma Temple is located on the hill, so the hill is named after Malamma. The deity Shree Revanasiddeshwar visits the goddess Malamma, every year on the first day of the fair. The people gather on the hill, to have a nice view of pallakki/ nandikol utsav.

Degula (Monument)
     It's a monument located outside the village, near Old Shree Revanasiddeshwar Temple.

Ganesh Temple
    Ganesh Temple is located at the middle of the village, facing towards the east, near Hanuman temple. 

Hanuman Temple

    Hanuman Temple is located outside the village facing towards the west, near Agasi Baagilu.